Our Markets

High Energy Devices’ products are used to protect electrical equipment from destructive voltage transients or for transferring stored electrical energy, usually from a storage capacitor, to a load circuit. Our gaps are made from the highest quality materials to handle high operating voltage and current applications. These products are used extensively in some of the most demanding military environments and are typically used for protecting thyratron or hard tube modulator components, high-wattage power supply components, high voltage medical equipment, and video display tubes. These devices are also used as active switches for high voltage energy transfer or triggering applications such as flashlamps, exploding bridgewire systems (EBW), and capacitor bank discharging.

High Voltage Circuit Protection Solutions:

Energy Transfer Solutions

  • Meters and Motor Protection
  • Deep Well Oil and Gas Exploratory Ignition Gap Switches
  • Medical Equipment Lightning Protection
  • Rocket Motor Ignition Gap Switches
  • Signal and Power Line Lightning Protection
  • Aircraft Jet and Reciprocating Engine Ignition Gap Switches
  • Industrial Test Circuit Protection
  • Ignition of Military Ordinance
  • Protection of IGBT in Magnetron Oscillators
  • High Voltage Marx Generator Gap Switches
  • Missile Defense System Protection
  • Lithotripters Operation
  • Submarine Repeaters Protection
  • Nuclear Weapon Detonation
  • Military and Commercial Avionics Lightning Protection
  • Space Vehicle Applications - Millions of Operations @ 3.6 Joules for Avionics, Military, Industrial and Medical Equipment
  • Missile Site Protection
  • Pulsed Gas Laser for High Speed Printing
  • Protection Against Ultra-Fast EMP Transients.
  • Transit System Protection of Traffic Control
  • Traveling Wave Tube Internal Arc Protection Grid-Cathode
  • Triggered Spark Gap Switches for High Voltage Pulse Generation