HED provides high voltage protection and energy transfer solutions for a wide variety of markets including avionics, industrial, military, and medical applications.

  • Avionics: HED spark gaps are used to protect sensitive circuits from lightning and electromagnetic transients in many facets of aircraft applications. Some specialized  uses include:

  • UMT(275)900 / UFT(266)900 Lightning strokes and static electric discharges on aircraft windshields will induce large electrical transient currents into the conductive coatings and heater protection circuits which are used for anti-icing and defogging of the windshield. One of the earliest gas discharge spark gap protectors, UFT(266)900, designed and manufactured by HED engineering became a standard of the industry and is presently used on commercial and industrial aircraft.
    The SIG Series makes possible energy transfer applications having greater serviceability with reduced cost of equipment maintenance when used in igniters of aircraft engine circuits. Life tests are still ongoing; however after 18 months of continuous operation and occurrence of well over 10 million shots, there is essentially no change in the dc breakdown voltage or insulation resistance.

  • Industrial:   Over the years, HED has made significant advances in faster responding surge protectors and more durable energy transfer products. The industrial products include lightning protection for aircraft electronic equipment, aircraft engine ignition, traffic signal protection for rapid transit systems, EBW circuit energy transfer spark gaps and industrial gas and oil furnace ignition switches.

    The Uni-Imp Series of ultra-fast surge protectors protects sensitive components against overvoltages without regard to rate of voltage rise. The voltage at which the Uni-Imp trips does not vary by more than ±10 percent from slow DC overvoltages to 200kV/μs transients when subjected to rapidly rising voltages. Any trip voltage is available from 550V to 20kV.

  • Military:  Triggered spark gaps play a key role in capacitor discharge applications and exploding bridge-wire circuits in space travel and missile applications. HED triggered spark gaps are used as the switching device in the EBW circuits for ignition and stage separation.

  • Triggered gaps can be used in any application that requires stored energy to be switched into a load. The TA and TX Series of ceramic-metal triggered spark gaps have been designed to fill the need for low and medium voltage applications. These gaps, in addition to being small and extremely rugged, have excellent time delay, low jitter, long life and good resistance to nuclear radiation. 

    TA Series
    These miniature triggered spark gaps were designed for high reliability switching with main static breakdown between 2.0 and 15.0kVdc.

    TX Series
    These subminiature triggered spark gaps were designed for printed circuit board mounting and are available with main static breakdown between 1.0 and 10.0kVdc.

  • Medical: HED spark gaps are used as the switching device in critical medical equipment where reliable operation is required. One unique application includes:

  • TB25.0
    This ceramic-metal triggered spark gap was installed into one of the earliest lithotripsy machines and it soon became a quality standard for triggered spark gaps used for providing reliable pulse generation and energy transfer in the sonic pulse generation process.